"Honoring my Ancestors"

$ 25.00 USD

This is another great book about my life. I took my love of writing, art, movies and made a positive outlook in life. God/Ancestors have blessed me to be the person I have become in life, which led me to write this book. As you can see on the cover of the book, my Ancestors mean the world to me. I couldn't ask for a better family. God Bless!

"Robin Hood of the Lumbee River"

$ 25.00 USD

This is a book I wrote about my Legendary 4th genertation Grandfather, Henry Berry Lowry. During the Civil War the Home Guard murdered my 5 th generation grandfather, Allen Lowry, along with my uncle William Lowry. Another War would take place, known as the "Lowry War,"this War was against the corrupt Honor Guard. Henry Berry Lowry is the true Robin Hood of the Lumbee/Tuscaroa people of Robeson County, North Carolina. Free Shipping! 

"Judge James Lowry's Bloodline Of Robeson County, North Carolina"

$ 25.00 USD

This book is the family roots of all Lowry's of Robeson County, and surrounding states. It was a honor to write this book. Thanks, to my grandfather, Willard Lowery.  

"Molly The Monarch Butterfly"

$ 15.00 USD

This is a great childrens book, it's about the life of a baby butterfly, named Molly. Molly is a baby caterpillar, eat's healthy, and grows into a beautiful Butterfly.   

"Legacy of Tomas "Big Tom" Locklear"

$ 25 USD

A great book in regards of the tribute of my Ancestor/ Grandfather, Big Tom Locklear. All Locklear's of Robeson County, North Carolina can trace their bloodline back to this man. Free Shipping!


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